Monday, January 28, 2008

20lbs of Love!

We had another Vet visit this past weekend, and Bruno's up to 20lbs. and 16" tall, at 15 weeks old. We had to go to the pet store and get some new bones, so we got him this huge bone, 3/4 his size! He was eating up those smaller bones too quickly, so this should slow him down.

We also went to the large dog side of the dog park yesterday. He started picking on two other Boxer puppies, 9 weeks old, that were the same size as him! Bruno No! He did much better than a few weeks ago. He's doing ok on coming when we call. However, if there's a kid, forget it. He's off to play!

Not much else to report, other than he misses the fam and hopes to see them soon!