Friday, December 28, 2007

So where did all the attention go?

So, Christmas was exciting and new for Bruno. He met more people that can spoil him rotten, in a good way of course! He had a lot of fun spending time with Grandma & Grandpa McCombs, Aunt Les and Aunt Linda, also Gr-Gramps and Gr-Grams Kline. He was a little depressed the other night, because there weren't as many people around to spoil him. Yep, it's back to Mum and Dad on the marquee. He really misses Grams and Gramps!

He has the potty training thing down. Only a few accidents over the break, that wind is very scary! I think he's gotten bigger over the holiday; his back feet are finally catching up with his front paws. He got many, many new toys for the holiday, though he still wants my pant leg and slippers, dirty rascal!

Attack of the worms!! He had the worms coming out of him the whole vacation, and they are still coming. Not as much as during the weekend though. Our next Vet trip is this Monday. Hopefully, he'll be finished with them soon. I can't believe there are so many!

Well, that's all for now. Have a great New Years Eve, be safe. See ya next year!


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays!!

Happy holidays everyone! I don't have time to write now but we wanted to wish you all a happy holiday! We're off to Grandmother's house, over the river and through the woods to Louisville, all that good stuff.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Survived the first vet visit

Hello all. He survived the first vet visit. Our 10.5 lb, 12" tall, boy is a healthy puppy. He really enjoyed being at the vet. All the nice nurses cooing over him and giving him treats. Though the wait was unbearable, we survived. He still loves chewing on pant legs and fingers, though he'll be getting a lot of chew toys, to keep him busy, for Christmas. Potty training is still going on. He just gets so excited and then it's all over, get out the cleaning spray. Among his favorite things to do, he loves playing with Daddy!

Bye for now.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The eyes say it all!

Ok, sweet little innocent puppy is becoming "Jaws of Terror!" Don't get too close, you light lose a toe. We have to get new chew toys, my hands and fingers can't take it anymore. He's just not as interested in the toys we bought for him. He'd rather have our shoes, toes and arms. Potty training is going well. We're trying to be patient, but it's hard with a puppy that goes every 15 minutes. A few accidents here and there. We must get this thing down before going to Grandma's for Christmas. He's so good about his crate though, no messes as of yet. (Someone knock on wood, please!) Still waking up at 3am to take the little bugger out. I took him for a walk on his leash the other day, and he's more interested in the leash than the walk. "Stop chewing on the leash Bruno!" We're trying to be the leaders, but I think Bruno has other plans. That's pretty frustrating. All in good time, I know...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Home at last!

Hello everyone. This is Bruno. A Boxer/Shepherd mix. He's 8 weeks and this is his first day home from the shelter (12/08/07.) He's checking out the lay of the land (my weed garden, actually!) It didn't take him long to warm up to us and the house. Though it seemed like he was marking his territory quite a bit inside the house. He's a quick squatter. He's very friendly and likes people, stuffed animals, feet and pant legs. He's already made a hole in daddy's pant leg, Bruno NO! He's getting to know his name and the word no. Well, he knows we keep saying it, but not sure why, just yet. It's been raining all day long so no walks just yet.